Power Transmission Products

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Talon Bearing goes beyond just an extensive inventory of bearings.  Talon also stocks a variety of power transmission related items.  Products like gears, sprockets, roller chain, sheaves, pulleys, and variable speed pulleys are frequently on the shelf.  Couplings in a many different styles are also found, including jaw, grid, gear, chain, and disc just to name a few.  Along with v-belts, variable speed belts, belt tensioners, HTD belts and pulleys, timing belts and pulleys, QD and taperlock bushings.  No matter what your power transmission requirements, give Talon a call.  You’ll be pleased to find items from manufactures such as Martin Sprocket and Gear, UST, Dodge, Browning, Morse, Lovejoy, Woods, Dayco, Jason, Gates, Goodyear, Boston, Falk, KopFlex, Brewer and many more.


Roller Chain & Sprockets 

One of the most common and economical ways of transmitting power from one source to another is by using roller chain and sprockets.  Talon can supply roller chain in various pitches, sizes, and materials.  Roller chains come in riveted type or cottered type, metric and inch, standard grade or heavy, single strand through multiple strand, and in materials ranging from steel, to nickel plated, to stainless steel and lube-free.  Other types of chain are conveyor type, block chain, and leaf chain.  You will find many known brands of roller chain in stock, such as Diamond, Browning, Morse, Linkbelt, Rexnord, UST, HKK, Acme, Hitachi, and Jeffrey/Renold/Whitney.  Sprockets are available in A plate (no hub,) B-Style hubs (both mpb and bored to size) and C-Style hubs (hubs both sides) as well as taperlock, QD, and split-taper bushed.  Talon can help supply you with the smallest single strand pitch sprockets to large pitch multi-strand sprockets from manufactures like Martin, UST, Boston, Dodge, Browning, and Linn.

V-Belts & V-Belt Sheaves 

Another cost effective way to transmit power is through the use of v-belts and pulleys.  From light fractional horsepower industrial applications to multi-rib classical v-belt drives, Talon can help.  V-belts are available in standard wrapped construction, cogged (or notched) design, Classical, FHP, deep V, in both inch and metric sizes.  Some of the manufactures you will find at Talon include: Gates, Dayco/Carlisle, Goodyear, Bando, Jason, MBL, Thermoid, Woods, Dunlop and Durkee Atwood.  You will also find a large inventory of sheaves or pulleys in stock as well.  Available in cast, steel, or aluminum, hub style or no hub style, bored-to-size or bushing style, from 2” diameter to 30”+ diameter, single groove to ten groove.  We also stock taper lock bushings, split taper style bushings, and QD style bushings for use in pulleys and sprockets. Talon inventories pulleys and bushings from Browning, Martin, Maurey, Gates, Dodge, Woods, and Maska, just to name a few.

Rod Ends and Friction Type Bearings 

Timing belts and timing belt pulleys, including HTD belts and HTD pulleys, Gates Polychain, and other synchronous items are common items found on our shelves.  Timing drives provide constant output speeds without skipping, slipping, or speed variation.  These types of drives tend to be cost effective, quiet, clean (requiring no lubrication) and can operate under a large variety of loads, horsepower, and rpms.  Belts and pulleys are available from small XL pitch to larger diameter 14mm pitch and above, in minimum plain bores, bored-to-size, and bushing style. Common brands include Dayco/Carlisle, TB Woods, Goodyear, Gates, Jason, Bando, Browning, Martin, and Maurey.

Variable Speed Belts & Variable Speed Pulleys 

Looking for Variable speed belts or pulleys…check Talon today.  We have many types of variable speed pulleys in stock, including economical manually adjustable side movable pulleys to larger, more complex 2-side movable pulleys.  Brands such as Maurey, Woods, Maska, Browning, HiLo, Lovejoy and Speed Selector are commonly found in stock.  Also be sure to check Talon’s inventory of variable speed belts, both metric and inch series.  You’ll find quality products from Dayco/Carlisle, Jason, Browning, Bando, Woods, Gates, Goodyear, Ametric, Eurodrive and U.S. on the shelf and ready to ship.


Couplings come in many sizes, types and styles.  You will find many coupling varieties in stock at Talon.  Chain couplings, jaw couplings, s-flex style couplings, shaft and sleeve couplings, grid and gear couplings.  Whether you need hubs, sleeves, inserts, or hardware, let Talon help fill your coupling needs.  Inventorying brand names such as Lovejoy, Falk, Rexnord, Gerbing, Sierbath, Boston, Dodge, TB Woods, Kop-flex, Browning, Martin, Magnaloy, Waldron, and Linkbelt.


Spur gears, bevel gears, miter gears, worm and worm gears, change gears, and gear rack are some of the items in stock.  Available in sizes from 3DP to 24DP, from manufacturers such as Martin, Browning, Boston, Morse, Linn, Globe and Union.


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